We offer various investment strategies through funds managed by ourselves or by partner Asset Management companies that have a proven track record of outstanding risk-return.

Fixed Income Allocator

UCITS V fixed income absolute return fund that allocates between global fixed income / credit and cash, and seeks to protect capital while maintaining an annualized volatility target of 3.00%.


All weather Luxembourgian Special Investment Fund (SIF) investing across multiple asset classes, built to perform well during both favourable and unfavourable economic and market conditions


Multi-strategy, trading and arbitrage hedge fund focused on market neutral strategies, primarily on the global equity markets, offering equity-like returns with only 1/3 of volatility.

alpha alternative

Fund of Hedge Funds with very low correlation to markets and alternative indices. investment approach is « not beating an Index », either traditional or alternative, but rather earning positive return over time regardless of the market conditions


Cost effective, simple and secure way to invest in Gold. The Fund holds an amount equivalent to the totality of its assets in physical gold in order to fully replicate the price of Gold.