As an authorized Broker-Dealer in the Bahamas, we provide clients with a wide range of services from Execution Trading on listed securities to tailor-made OTC products offering.

We offer 24/24 hour access to Global Markets in all trading regions. Clients have access to the Nassau Trading Desk and a team of 12 experienced cross assets traders. For added flexibility, most forms of communication are accepted (e-mail / call / Bloomberg chat) to ensure an immediate answer to all trade orders.

Thanks to an extensive network of well established counterparties and the use of major electronic brokers and trading platforms, our set up enables its Private and Institutional clients to access an unprecedented level of expertise in all kinds of trade execution and price sourcing.

Private Deals

We also give access to our clients to private deals in which we invest personally to share our know-how and opportunities.

We adopt an opportunistic approach to private equity and private debt investing. We are active in various sectors, ranging from real estate to tech investments, from venture capital to debt restructuring deals.

Through our extensive network of contacts and clients, we frequently receive deal proposals that we filter and analyze. We choose to invest in a very limited number of deals, each following a ‘club approach.